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Multiple Fake news claims:

The viral message in social media like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp are being circulated showing APPEARANCE OF DEVIL IN ITALY, the video shows a devil-like structure on a dome-like structure.

The text of this message says that:

A Strange Demon Bird in Italy. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL
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a strange demon bird in italy., https://youtu.be/VowImZtVkf4 (PLEASE CLICK SUBSCRIBE BELOW) https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC-KUWBi9PIVSks5LHv5HWVQ?persist_app=1&app=m …


PS: Watch this video guys gusto ko lang ipanood sa inyo tong video na sinend sakin ng step mother ko na nasa Italy paki kalat po ito para malaman ng maraming tao about sa DEMONS BIRD DEVIL na to hindi man kapani-paniwala pero magiingat padin po

News Verification: Several users on Social media shared a video showing a creature on a dome-like structure. The video has been widely shared by many on social media.

The video showing the creature on a dome-like structure is not real but is a digitally created structure and the demon as well as digitally created,

The actual video was uploaded in June 2019 on YouTube on a handle JJPD Producciones

The video on YouTube states, “City of Granada one of the biggest tourist attractions in Nicaragua, was the scene of the impressive sighting of a creature never seen before in the day, it is rumored among the locals that the demon lives in the cathedral church Immaculate Conception of Mary. A tourist climbed one of the tallest towers of the Cathedral to get better shots of the landscape, but to his surprise, something or someone also climbed one of the towers, the tourist did not hesitate to record the creepy event that I will show you next.”

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