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A beautiful image of two Kangaroos dancing after they got relief from the Australian wildfire.

Ayupp Fact Check image source Charles Davis

Fake news claim: A beautiful image of two Kangaroos dancing after they got relief from the Australian wildfire.

how corny it might seem, but when I saw an article about heavy rain in Australia I paused, sat down, thanked our Lord and put on a huge smile thinking about all the beautiful animals that are in a better position. Just look at these Kangaroos jumping for joy in the rain.

Australia got some rain. 💖 The kangaroos are jumping for joy💓

It's raining in Australia!!!#AustralianBushfire are over. Human destruction is enormous but the greatest power is healing everything and everyone.

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Facts Check Verdict: False

News Verification: Claiming of rain after the Australian wildfire and it coming as a relief to the Australian Kangaroos is widely shared in Social Media. The image is being shared as if the Kangaroos are looking up and praying for more rain.

It is a false image shared from some other event of time. The picture is actually from 2014 and not 2020.

The image can be found on the Website of a photographer Charles Davis.

Praise to the Rain

Praise to the Rain


Charles posted this picture on Facebook and says that this picture has been used to spread misinformation on Social media. He writes, “It really annoys me that I even have to post this while everything around my home is still burning. This photo, my photo has been used to post lies all over social media for the last two weeks. People are posting it saying (someone captured these kangaroos celebrating the rains that are putting out the fires in Australia). Firstly I took this photo in 2014. These kangaroos are more than likely ash now and definitely aren’t celebrating anything. I can say first hand there has been bugger all rain and everything is still very much burning. If you see you anyone posting this photo with bullshit lies like this please set them straight. It’s bad enough to have your work stolen but to have it used to promote lies for others social media ego-stroking is not cool.”


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