Ayupp Fact Check image source social media

Viral Claim: A meme shared on the social media claiming on the back of the truck written as “Do not the horn, Modi Sarkar is sleeping”

Facts Check: False image / distorted  

Viral News in Social Media Twitter / Facebook / WhatsApp / Others Examples:

If you’re awake this ones for you, sadly Modi won’t be reading this.

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Facts Check Analysis The image shared by the Congress, from the INC twitter handle, Sanjiv Bhatt, Madhu Purnima Kiswar and many other pro congress supporters. This image has been widely promoted by users on Twitter.

A twitter user posted the original image on the twitter tweeting “साला एडिटिंग भी सही न कर सकते तुमलोग यहां भी दलाली खाई होगी ये रही असली फोटो”.

साला एडिटिंग भी सही कर सकते तुमलोग यहां भी दलाली खाई होगी

ये रही असली फोटो pic.twitter.com/lQDvYrUWi8

चौकीदार【56 इंच वाला】👉ठीक है😂 (@RssKanishk) March 15, 2019

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