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The makers of Chhapaak has been trolled over changing attackers religion, BoycottChhapaak has been trending on Twitter

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Fake news claim: The makers of Chhapaak has been trolled over changing attackers religion, BoycottChhapaak has been trending on Twitter  

His name was #NadeemKhan who threw acid on #LaxmiAgarwal 's face, but you changed the name only to dishonour #Hinduism, this is your secularism.@deepikapaukone #Boycott_Chhapaak

Deepika padukone changed the culprit in her upcoming movie from Nadeem Khan to Rajesh. If she doesn't have the guts to show reality in her movie that's based on a reality, then sorry she is a fake personality who cannot be considered as a role model.....

Why not the real culprit name (Nadeem Khan) ?
Why a Hindu name is used instead?#boycottchhapaak #JNUViolence

Chhapak is based on true Real Life story of Laxmi the Асid Attack victim. Then WHY Perpetrator name changed from Nadeem to Rajesh ?? #boycottchhapaak #boycottdeepikapadukone

Understand the chronology.

- Chhapak film is based on Laxmi Agarwal an acid attack survivor.

- Nadeem Khan is the name of the person who throws acid in real life.

- In film name is changed to Rajesh ... a Hindu name

So Deepika's visit to JNU is not surprising.


Facts Check Verdict: No Conclusive Proof

News Verification: The movie is yet to be released on 10h Jan 2020, until than it would not be easy to verify the claim. Most of the news on media belongs to two groups of people one the leftist and the other the right group.

The leftist wants to jump on the rightist and the rightist wants to jump on the leftist to confirm that nothing is wrong.

However, The internet is now trolling the makers for changing Laxmi Agarwal's attacker's religion in the film. This all happened after Deepika Padukone's open support for JNU students who were responsible for the JNU incidents.

Chhapaak movie is based on the story of Laxmi Agarwal (acted by Deepika Padukone), who at 15 was attacked with acid by a man called Naeem Khan. In the movie Chhapaak, Naeem Khan has been allegedly replaced by Rajesh. Social media is all out in trolling from #NaeemKhan and #Rajesh.

The real name of the person who threw acid on Laxmi was Naeem Khan, not Nadeem Khan.

Curious social media users looked for the names of the characters involved in the movie Chhapaak and especially looked for the acid attacker Naeem Khan or Nadeem, but they did not find a single reference of the person. Even swarajyamag tied to do the same, looking for the name in IMDB cast and crew.


BJP MP Subramanian Swamy wrote, “…if they have changed name of accused from Muslim in real life to a Hindu name. That is defamation.”

So the best we can do is wait until 10th Jan  2020, when the movie hit s the theatre and know the real name and cast information.

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