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Fake news claim: A post-viral on social media claiming Anti CAA protestor needs to wear Dress Code like Hijab Or Burqa

प्रोटेस्ट CAA के विरुद्ध है लेकिन ड्रेस कोड हिजाब और बुरका है।

पितृसत्ता और मनुवाद से आजादी हिजाब और बुरका पहनकर मिलेगी।

सीधे शब्दों में, यह देश भर में आंदोलन नहीं हो रहा, बल्कि शक्ति प्रदर्शन है और देश के हिंदुओं के धैर्य की परीक्षा ली जा रही है।

Event: Massive women's protest against CAA. Dress Code: Hijab or Burkha Motive: So the dalal journalists and anti hindu left leaning sites can milk pictures of women carrying kids in Burkha/Hijab and used it against the PM Modi how is "oppressing" the muslim minorities.

Hello @_sabanaqvi as you claimed that this was not a #Muslim protest but " interfaith " . So women of all faiths have to dress in burkha or hijab?
In addition to Rs 500 and biryani will there be a clothing Allowance too ?#ShaheenBaghTruth #Mumbai @naqvimukhtar @HMOIndia

Facts Check Verdict: Mixed

News Verification: The post shared on Social Media is not real, but fake, the image shared with the context to wear Hijab Or Burqa, claiming is Phtotoshopped and edited.

It looks like multiple photos are being shared with the same context. Raising an alarm that it may be targeted to different sections of society. At one point it wants the Muslim womens to be present in Hijab Or Burqa and on the other hand, the post seems to be targeting other people from another faith.

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