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Media Claim: Different list of swiss bank account holders from India is viral on social media. Some of the prominent names include Sonia Gandhi, Shashi Tharoor, and many more.

Facts Check: False

Viral News on Social media:

WIKI LEAKS Published 1st List of black money holders in SWISS bank...... The Top Most 30 members are.....(money is in CRORES)
1 - *Asadudhin Ovaisi (568000)*
2 - *Moidin Bava(7800)*
3 - *U T Khadar (158000)*
4 - *Siddaramayya*(82000)
5 - *Sonia Gandhi* (155040)
6 - *Mallikarjun Karge*(28900)
7 - *Roshan Beg* (9000)
8 - *Mohammed Haris Nalpad (15000)*
9 - *Pranav Mukharjee*(75000)
10 - *Manishankar Ayyer*(50000)
11 - *Shashi Taroor*(5900)
12 - *Ahmed Patel*(220000)
13 - *Aajam Khan*(76888)
14- *K J George* (582114)
15- *Ambika Soni(19800)*
16- *DK Shivakumar*(135800)
17- *Chidambaram*(8200)
18- *Manmohan Singh*(14500)
19- *Lalu Prasad Yadav*(28900)
20 - *G Parameshwarappa* (9000)
21- *Kalanidi Maran(15000)*
22- *A Raja(35000)*
23- *Kanzhimoli*(5900)
24- *Rahul Gandhi*(189008
25- *Mayawathi*(168009)
26- *Mamatha Benarjee* (257500)
27- *Akhikesh Yadav* (300089)
28- *Digvijay Singh* (220060)
29- *Sashi Kala*( 154700)
30- *Karunanidhi*(12870)
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Undigestible news: Indians black money in Swiss bank is Rs. 358,679,863,300,000 (estimated to be 1.3 trillion dollars) this money belongs to 2000 indians who have kept there to evade from tax, This money is enough for our india to become 10 america and become one of the most powerful developed country in the world for next 100yrs..Please raise your hand by forwarding this to all if you have free messages..As an INDIAN I am Forwarding...

‘Swiss Bank Corporation (Switzerland) gives you a clear note in which India’s top 10 healthy account details of Indian Origin persons with high money deposits have been stated. Please do check their all Indian account information with their IT returns, their business profile, business background. Check the below account holders complete details and revert us their complete clear business details before 31st March, 2012.’

WIKI LEAKS Published The 1st List of black money holders in SWISS bank about 4 hours ago @vinit_goenka


Facts Check Analysis:

The news claiming many of the prominent leaders and mostly from the Congress party as the account holders in the Swiss bank is not true. The list is viral since 2011 and has been shared over time on different social media platforms.

The list includes many leaders and mostly the ones who are not associated with the BJP party.

The fake news is viral since 2011, however the letter

Swiss Bank Corporation was merged with the Union Bank of Switzerland to form UBS in December 1997. Wiki page result shows it has been defunct since 1998.

As per the article published on nytimes, Two banking giants, Union Bank of Switzerland and the Swiss Bank Corporation, announced early today that they planned to merge, creating the world's second largest bank.

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