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Viral Claim: A fake WhatsApp forward in the social media claiming that some NGO named as Prerana supported by Infosys foundation, to provide financial help to poor students.

Facts Check: False / Fake

Viral News in Social Media Twitter/Facebook/WhatsApp/Other Examples:

Hi All,

A small help required.

Will you please post this message in the known groups so that it gets circulated...

If you have come across any bright students coming from the poor financial background who have finished their 10th standard this year and scored more than 80%, please ask them

to contact the NGO - Prerana (Supported by Infosys Foundation).

The NGO is conducting a written test and those who clear the test will be eligible for financial help for their further studies.

Please ask the students to contact the people mentioned below to get the form:

Contact numbers:

  1. Ms. Saraswati - 9900906338
  2. Mr. Shivkumar - 99866 30301
  3. Ms. Bindu - 99645 34667

Even if you don’t know anyone, please pass on this info, someone might be in need of this. www.infosys.com/infosys-foundation


Forward it in other groups as well.😊

If it helps even one person

Facts Check News: This has been a fake WhatsApp group and other social media since 2016. Immediately after getting this message, we at Ayupp dialed the numbers to check if they exist. After dialing, we found that this number does not exist. The three numbers are not reachable. Moreover

We found none article or the information present on the website of the NGO Prerana, or the website of the Infosys to support this claim that Prerana and Infosys have any connection.

There is an article present in timesofindia back from 2011, where the news article claims that “Prerana, an NGO supported by Infosys Foundation has expressed its intent to help students coming from a poor financial background and who have finished their 10th standard this year securing over 80 percent marks. Such students should contact the NGO, which would conduct a written test and those clearing it would be eligible for financial help for their further studies. - Times of India


In 2019, there is no such scheme where the Infosys foundation is supporting Prerana NGO group of any such schemes.

About Infosys Foundation

Infosys is committed to the communities in which it operates. This has led to the creation of Infosys Foundation to support the underprivileged sections of society. A not-for-profit initiative aimed at fulfilling the social responsibility of Infosys Ltd., the Infosys Foundation creates opportunities and strives towards a more equitable society.

Established in 1996, the Infosys Foundation supports programs in the areas of education, rural development, healthcare, arts and culture, and destitute care. Its mission is to work in remote regions of several states in India.


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