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News viral on Social Media: A video posted by Rahul Gandhi, twitter handle claiming, BJP MLA Bakshish Singh threatens voters| Says, “Press any button vote will go to BJP”

The Video was shared by Rahul Gandhi on Social media, titled as the most honest man in the BJP


Facts Check: False

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Facts Check Analysis: The video showing BJP MLA, Haryana’s Assandh constituency, Bakshish Singh as saying in the video as Press any button vote will go to BJP is not completely true. The video is actually trimmed from a  bigger part of a video.


The video has been liked by more than 43k people and retwetted by more than 13k on Social media twitter.


A Social media user pointed out the video of Rahul Gandhi as being edited just to fit what needs to be presented in false narrative. The video has been edited


The speech in Punjabi says, "Hun pata hai ki kehnde ne o? Aandey ne vote jitthe marzi paa leo, nikalni phul dii ee aa button jehda marzi daba leo nikalna phul da ee ai machine ch purja fit kitta hoya ai."

Translation: "You know what they are saying now? They say that wherever you vote, it will go to the flower (BJP). Whichever button you press, the vote will go to the BJP. There is a tool fixed in the (EVM) machines."

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