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burkha-clad woman from Jamia Milia

Ayupp Fact Check image source social media

Fake news claim: An image of a male protestors in burkha-clad woman attire is viral as protestor from Jamia Millia

Meet Jamia's woman protester: मिलिए जामिया की महिला protester से

Facts Check Verdict: False

News Verification: Students from the Jamia Milia and Jawahar LalUniversity known for other similar protest against the BJP government in India are in lime light again, though in false context this time.

An image doing the rounds on social media claiming a burkha clad woman from Jamia Milia, actually a male. The message quotes as “मिलिए जामिया की महिला protester”.

We got some reference of this on twitter accounts, stating “A young man disguises himself as a woman to kidnap children in the gathering, and the people hand him over to the police”.

As per youm7, The photo traders said that citizens succeeded in arresting this young man, before he kidnapped one of the children, initially thinking that he was a woman, but after talking to him and searching him, they discovered that he was a young man disguised as a woman, and that he was handed over to the police.

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