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News Claim: A text message viral on social media claiming words of President Donald Trump

Trump says “my crimes can’t be investigated while I’m the president of the United States” “My Crimes” What did he just say?

The Vanity Fair article (archived here

Facts Check: No not said directly

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Facts Check Analysis: It is misleading claim made by the article of the website vanityfair. That Donald Trump directly said this words that, “TRUMP: MY CRIMES CAN’T BE INVESTIGATED WHILE I’M PRESIDENT”. We did not find any direct reference to the statement that he said that he can’t be investigated. However indirectly the words have been spoken by the lawyers representing trump. 

As per Bloomberg, In the lawsuit, filed Thursday in federal court in Manhattan, Trump said the subpoena issued to his accounting firm, Mazars USA, seeking his tax returns is unconstitutional and asked a judge to declare it invalid. Trump said the subpoena should be blocked until he has left office because sitting presidents aren’t subjected to the criminal process.

Also salon reported, “Lawyers for President Trump argue that the president is immune from all criminal investigations in a new federal lawsuit seeking to block New York prosecutors from obtaining his tax returns.

Trump sued his longtime accounting firm Mazars USA and Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance on Thursday after Vance's office subpoenaed the firm to demand eight years of the president’s personal and corporate tax returns.” 

So clearly President Donald Trump did not say these words directly or these words, however, the words of his lawyers are interpreted in this way.

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