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Viral Claim: A photoshopped picture shared on the social media of Narendra Modi standing behind Indira Modi in the social media is widely shared, the picture is photoshopped.

Facts Check: False

Viral News in Social Media Twitter/Facebook/WhatsApp/Other Examples:

साहब तो #कोंग्रेसी निकले.भक्तों अब क्या करोगे 🤣


Saheb turned out to be a Congressman. What will bhakts now say?

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Facts Check News: The picture shared on the Social media of PM Narendra Modi standing behind Indira Gandhi is widely shared on the Social media. In the Black and White picture NAMO can be seen standing in the background.  

The actual image was earlier shared on The Quint, titled as, Karnataka’s Reluctant Politician: The Life and Times of ‘Annavaru’,  as can be seen in the below image there is nowhere Narendra Modi in the original picture.

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