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Viral Claim: Old pictures of grave being dug in Pakistan, after the Indian Air force attacked in Balakot Is going viral on the social media.

Facts Check: False

Viral News in Social Media Twitter / Facebook / WhatsApp / Others Examples:

#पाकिस्तान-में ४ दिन-से-लगातार-कब्रे# खुदवायी-जा-रही है और तुम अभी तक सबूत पे ही अटके हो

Since the last five days, graves are being dug in Pakistan and you are still asking for proof

The post can be viewed here and the archived version here.

Facts Check Analysis: These images of grave being dug are not post the India’s Air Force strike on Pakistan at Balakot.

The actual images were uploaded by topyaps, titled as “Mass Graves being dug in Pakistan”. The news and image were first published on 10th July, 2016. As per the news on topaps, due to high heat, many people lost their lives. So as a future prediction 300 graves were constructed back in 2016.

The website said in Hindi “पिछले साल पाकिस्‍तान में भयंकर लू की चपेट में आने से करीबन 1300 लोगों की मौत हो गई थी। इसे देखते हुए कराची में इस बार तीन बड़े कब्र खोदे गए, जिनमें 300 से अधिक शवों को दफनाया जा सकता है।”

Apimages, also published the same image on February 17, 2013.

After India’s airstrike on JeM camps, though there were many casualties, yet we don’t have any reports on the number of casualties in the attack. The Government is yet to give the numbers.

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