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Fake news claim: Multiple posts shared on social media and shared by over 1 lakh users, the post claims, German terrorist attack: If the school is full of Hong Kong's destruction of the public canal

Examples of a viral posts in circulation on Social Media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


有朋友forward呢條藍片比我:「香港害死德國學生、學足香港破壞地鐵但佢哋警察是這樣執法的!國際標準警察 唔係同你玩!洗鬼 人舉旗,執法就開槍,自由發揮😲香港傳媒有無報過?」

Anti-Terror Übung =反恐演習

A friend forwarded a blue piece than me: "Hong Kong kills German students, learns Hong Kong to destroy the subway, but the police are the law enforcement! The international standard police are playing with you! The ghosts raise the flag, the law enforcement will shoot Have you ever played freely in the Hong Kong media?"

Anti-Terror Übung = anti-terrorism exercise

Foreign police would shoot and kill the mob who vandalise the subway.

德國恐襲演習:如果學足香港破壞公物佢哋警察是竟然這樣執法的!國際標準警察唔係同你玩,妨碍執法就開槍!洗鬼人舉旗,自由發揮,香港暴徒理應及早離場, 回頭是岸, 趁現在還末被拘捕收手【将军評天下E25】

German terrorist attack: If the school is full of Hong Kong's destruction of the public canal, the police are actually doing this! The international standard police officer is playing with you, blocking the law enforcement and shooting! The ghost-washing people raise the flag and play freely. The Hong Kong mob should depart early and return to the shore. Now, he is still arrested and arrested. [General’s evaluation of the world E25]

Facts Check: False

News Verification: The video post from China has been shared over 100,000 times on social media.

In the video as can be seen many people running for their life, it looks like they are being chased by armed police.

A video was posted on social media prior the above viral video a few days ago suggesting all this was mere exercise. Below is the tweet.

Screams, shots, explosions: until early morning hours, a large anti-terror exercise of the police took place at Nuremberg Central Station. (Video: Alexander Brock)

Another video published on youtube on 16th Oct, 2019, titled as “Großaufgebot am Nürnberger Bahnhof: Polizei übt Anti-Terror-Einsatz

Large contingent at the Nuremberg station: Police practice anti-terrorist operation.

The video description translated to, “Around 1,500 participants, including 300 police officers, conducted an anti-terrorist maneuver at Nuremberg train station on Wednesday night. This was completely closed for the exercise. Some of the officers staged an armed attack on the station, which was beaten back by the other police officers.”

Hence the video is not from hong kong protest,

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