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Fake news claim: An image shared on social media of the Pagoda flower plant, claiming to from Himalaya, it is also said pagoda flower that it only blooms once every 400pagoda flower 400 years

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It’s not a cabbage 🥬 but Tibet's unique "Pagoda Flower". I was sent this by a dear friend. It is the auspicious Mahameru flower that blooms once every 400 years in the Himalayas. Apparently lucky to see it and will give you a lifetime of good luck - now that’s worth sharing! Have a wonderful evening all. Lots love cxxx 💖💖💖
#mahameruflower #goodluck#auspicious #beautyinbloom

Facts Check: False

News Verification: It is said that Pagoda flower booms in every 400 years, an image shared claiming to be from the Himalayas is shared on social media.

However, the image being shared on social media is RHEUM NOBILE and it doesn’t bloom in every 400 years.

It is available on plant-world-seeds, with the below description

This legendary and quite fabulous giant herbaceous plant erupts with an amazing tapering spire of bright, creamy colored bracts that are held on strong tall stems. These extend out even further as soon as the seed ripens. The equally attractive pleated basal leaves make a low protective skirt, and are rich green and almost rounded with deep veining. It grows in the wild high on the mountains in the Himalaya, northeastern Afghanistan, northern Pakistan, India, Sikkim, Bhutan and Nepal. This is one of the world's most desirable plants and although a slow grower is worth the wait so please be patient!

Rheum nobile, the Sikkim rhubarb or noble rhubarb or पदमचाल, is a giant herbaceous plant native to the Himalaya, from northeastern Afghanistan, east through northern Pakistan and India, Nepal, Sikkim (in India), Bhutan, and Tibet to Myanmar, occurring in the alpine zone at 4000–4800 m altitude.

It is an extraordinary species of rhubarb (genus Rheum). At 1–2 m tall, R. Nobile towers above all the shrubs and low herbs in its habitat, and it is visible across valleys a mile away.

Regarding the Pagoda flower, we don’t have much information, it is more like a rumor that a pagoda flower 400 years.

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