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Viral Claim: A Video being shared on the social media where men are throwing buckets of water on burkha clad women, the tweet claims the video is from India.

Facts Check: False

Viral News in Social Media Twitter / Facebook / WhatsApp / Others Examples:

Bloody "goodwill gesture"... Told you we have an evil and unscrupulous savage enemy....who have no respect for human dignity, honor of our women or children.... This is a normal day in India... Let the bloody pilot go back ...then see how low they will sink....

The post can be viewed here and the archived version here.

This is how Indians treat their minorities, Leave the fact “Minority” aside is this really a way to treat women?? Just because they are wearing a Hijab and are not strong enough to react back? Only Cow is safe in Rape Capital of the world. Shame #GoBackModi #WelcomeHomeAbhinandan

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Facts Check Analysis The video showing water being thrown on burkha clad women is from Sri Lanka and not from India.

The video was tweeted by Zaid Hamid, a twitter user, who has over 2,24,000 followers on twitter.

The post was first shared on a Lanka Sun News as

Translated from Google:

Eastern university of srilanka

The rhetoric of classmates in the classroom has been reduced to a degree

(ragging) when they see the hysterical feelings of those who arise thousands of questions who have allowed these students to do such a parody

It is not uncommon for me to make such sisters in the university

The brother had been targeted only by Muslims

It is the time to seek the answer to the injustices and the atrocities

(After the war) we are still striving here ...

How long will we wander about? Ask your conscience And do not repeat the mistake, because it is not right. Get rid of these male and female pets Keep all of you guarded by the guardians of that lady

Periyar will do without saying

He is the smallest

Tell me


A similar video was shared on 10th March 2017 as university of colombo (ragging).

Ragging is on rampant in Sri Lankan Universities and the government still does not have stringent laws to curb it.

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