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Viral Claim: The Congress shared an image on the Social media, though the image is not fake, yet the Congress is ridiculed over the picture on social media.

Facts Check: True / Not Fake

Viral News in Social Media Twitter / Facebook / WhatsApp / Others Examples:

गरीबी पर वार होगा, सपना ये साकार होगा।
कांग्रेस सरकार में, सशक्त गरीब परिवार होगा।।#AbHogaNYAY

जब इशतहार में ही ‘ sleight of hand ‘ नज़र आए तो विचार करें CONgress की भ्रष्ट मानसिकता की जड़ें कितनी गहरी हैं ।

Facts Check News: The Congress party is Congress Ridiculed for its own photoshopped image on social media, though the image is not photo shopped. Many users on the social media were not able to get their facts correct and instead started making fun of the Congress tweet.

Latter the correct image was tweeted by a social media

The image was also tweeted by official Congress on Dec 9, 2015, when Rahul Gandhi's visit to flood affected areas of Tamil Nadu & Puducherry, yesterday.

Hence the image is not fake, but it is real.

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