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A story of a young men traveling in a congested train and lynched by Muslims after some argument with a burqa woman goes viral on Social Media. False claim shared in social media

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Multiple Fake news claims-:  A story of a young men traveling in a congested train and lynched by Muslims after some argument with a burqa woman goes viral on Social Media.

Sagar(26) was traveling in train with his wife and newborn baby.

He requested a family wearing burkha and topis to make little space for his wife to sit.

12 members of the family lynched Sagar to death in front of his wife and baby girl. #MobLynching

"Sagar (26) was traveling in Train from Pune with his wife & new born girl. He requested a Burkha clad woman to make space for his wife in general bogey, her 12 family members lynched him to death in front of his wife & new born in girl. No MSM covering it because Secularism!"

Facts Check Verdict: False claim

News Verification: Most of the media outlets have given a clean chit to the incident as the name of the culprit has not been mention in other news media houses. However, they have tried to explain how the person named Sagar was lynched by some group of 10-12 people traveling in the train.

As per Indiatoday article, a minor brawl for a seat led to a heated verbal argument which finally turned into a physical assault.

As per Jyoti’s statement of the victim's wife, in her complaint, said that her husband Sagar Markad, his mother and their two-year-old daughter boarded the general compartment of the train from Pune station at around 12.45 am on Thursday. The compartment was packed and since there was no place to sit, Sagar requested some women in the general compartment to make some space for his wife. The women, however, did not agree, and on the contrary, started arguing with Sagar. The argument escalated and suddenly the women along with the men they were accompanied by started beating Sagar with sticks. Jyoti said that she cried for help but no one in the compartment dared to intervene.

On the next stoppage he was helped by the Railway police and rushed to hospital, however he was brought dead.

According to esakal, a passenger was killed in a brutal beating by passengers on the Mumbai-Latur Express on the Pune-Ghorpadi railway journey. The deceased was identified as Sagar Janardan Marakad (26, Madha, Dist. Solapur).

Taibai Maruti Pawar (30), Kalawati Dhondiba Chavan (65), Rupali Somnath Chavan (21), Ganesh Shivaji Chavan (24), Mandegaon, Tal. Barshi, Dist. Solapur: Nikita Ashok Kale (20), Ashok Appa Kale (35), Jamuna Dutta Kale (20, Tighe Rd. Bhum, Osmanabad), Tai Hanumant Pawar (35), Hanumant Ganpat Pawar (30) , Both from Kalamwadi, Solapur), Gangubai Namdev Ka Area (40 nd. Selagava, Dist. Solapur), Sonu Appa Kale (24, resident. Singoli, Dist. Osmanabad), and detained a minor child. Somnath Shivaji Chavan (19, of Mandegaon, Tal. Barshi, Solapur) has fled.


धक्कादायक... रेल्वेत जागेच्या वादातून झालेल्या मारहाणीत तरूणाचा मृत्यू | eSakal

Marathi news about Beaten on the train, Death of a young man in madha : पुणे ते घोरपडी रेल्वे प्रवासात मुंबई-लातूर एक्‍स्प्रेसमध्ये प्रवाशांनी केलेल्या बेदम मारहाणीत एका प्रवाशाचा मृत्यू झाला आहे. सागर जनार्दन मारकड (वय 26, रा. माढा, जि. सोलापूर) असे मृत प्रवाशाचे नाव आहे.

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