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A video viral since 20th Jan 2020, shows a sex offender trashed and stripped naked in Ambala, Punjab.

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Fake news claim: A video viral since 20th Jan 2020, shows a sex offender trashed and stripped naked in Ambala, Punjab.

(TTC न्यूज़) अंबाला शहर के जैन बाजार में एक मुल्ले ने 5 साल की लड़की से रेप करने की कोशिश की जिसमें वहां की महिलाओं ने पकड़ कर उसको नंगा करके घुमाया ऐसे घिनौनी सोच वाले व्यक्ति के खिलाफ सख्त से सख्त कानूनी कार्रवाई होनी चाहिए।

शहर अंबाला..#जैन_बाजार" में एक मुल्ले

ने 5साल की लड़की के साथ बलात्कार करने

की कोशिश की..जिसमें वहाँ की महिलाओं ने

रंगे हाथों पकड़ लिया.फिर जो हुआ आप ख़ुद

ही देख लीजिए..ऐसी घटनाओं पर देश की

महिलाओं को भी योगदान जरूर देना चाहिए.

जिससे बलात्कारीयों को सबक मिल सके.!

That's Great..🤔

(TTC News) A Muslim man tried to rape a 5-year-old girl in Jain Bazar of Ambala. Local women caught him and beat him and made him roam around naked. Stricter legal actions should be taken against a man with such filthy thinking

Facts Check Verdict: True

News Verification: The video is from January 20, 2020, from Ambala, Punjab, where a group of people mostly women nab the accused.  The accused sex offender in the video is Pawan Kumar, he was accused of sexually harassing school girls. This case of the Jain market of Ambala city.

The women in the video stripped and beaten a man badly. It is alleged that he used to make lewd gestures towards girls outside the school. Even used to show his private part. Because of this, many girls refused to go to school. After finding out the reason, the women of one of the girl's family chased them secretly on Monday and caught the accused red-handed. After the assault, he has been handed over to the police. The police have registered a case against him under the POSCO Act.

Not only is there anger among the family members of these girls, but other people who send their daughters to the school are also angry. At the same time, his family also expressed displeasure over this accused act named Pawan. His brother Gulshan said that he is mentally not well, this was the punishment for his antics. However, later on, getting information, the police also reached the spot, who took the accused into custody. In this regard, Sunita Dhaka, in charge of the Women's Police Station in Ambala said that further action has been initiated against the accused by registering a case under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, and IPC. 

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