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Was not action taken against people in Rajasthan who abducted a young women

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Fake news claim: A message viral claiming, “This video is from Rajasthan, they abduct women from poor families and rape them. The police is not taking any action against them. Share this video so that it reaches the police and there are forced to arrest them”

Examples of viral posts in circulation on Social Media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

ये वीडियो राजस्थान का है ये लोग गरीबो की ओरतों को सबके सामने उठाते है और बलात्कार करते है और उस जगह की पुलिस भी कुछ नही बोलती । इस वीडियो को इतना फैलाओ की वहाँ की पुलिस मजबूर हो जाये इनको गिरफ्तार करने के लिए

Facts Check Verdict: True, but action was taken

News Verification: The video viral claiming that no action was taken against the culprits who abducted young women is not true. The mobile phone footage was shot by an unknown relative in the village of Kalu Khan Ki Dhani in the Jodphur district of the northern Indian state of Rajasthan. In the video, two persons can be seen beating up a woman and forcibly taking away a girl on a tractor.

The girl’s age was not reported but she is known to be under 18, the minimum age for girls to marry in India. Boys can wed at 21.

The video has been widely shared on social media platforms over this years.

As per dnaindia,the incident is from Rajasthan. Two men were arrested after a video of them abducting a minor girl and beating up her mother in Bap tehsil of Jodhpur did the rounds on social media. 

The incident took place in Kalu Khan Ki Dhani village of Bap tehsil in Jodhpur district on September 11, informed investigating officer Bhanwarlal Vishnoi. 

According to reports, the incident happened after the girl's father Aamad Khan reportedly married her to a man named Shaukat.

However, the girl's mother, Nemat, was against it as the girl has not reached the legal age of marriage and she wanted to keep her daughter with her until she reached 18.

But this infuriated Khan and on 11 September he along with his friend reached the girl's place and forcibly took the girl away.

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