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Whales...at Bombay High, as shared.

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Multiple Fake news claims: A video shared on Social media shows tracking of a blue Whale on the Shores Bombay High in the Arabian Sea is actually from BBC News Indonesia.

Whales...at Bombay High, as shared.

Source: WhatsApp.


boys having a good day on the high seas.


Whales spotted at Bombay High oil rig. 😍
Animals reclaiming their space thanks to Corona 🙌
Watch Till the End .

Blue whales at Bombay High in the Arabian Sea. When humans are on pause other animals and nature are enjoying life. 
Can we pause like this on a regular basis and share Mother Earth with everyone? Via WhatsApp

News Verification: A video showing Whales at Bombay High is viral on Social Media. The video shared has over 20 thousand views at the time of writing this article and has been widely shared on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.    

The video claims this to be the effect of lockdown in India and Mumbai, post the coronavirus spread in India. Bombay High is an offshore oilfield located about 176 km off the coast of Mumbai. The oil operations are run by India's Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC).

The video is not from Bombay High, the video is from Indonesia and was posted by BBC News Indonesia in Aug 2019.

Translated Text: A group of humpback whales is seen crossing the Karimunjawa sea, even though Indonesian waters are not part of their annual migration path.

Facts Check Verdict: Viral Video Claims To Show Whales At Bombay High, Is not True?

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