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Viral Claim: New Delhi BJP MLA Vijender Gupta, targeted Arvind Kejriwal with a photoshopped image, which has gone viral on the social media.

Facts Check: Fake

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AAP नेता केजरीवाल इतने बौखलाये हुये है कि झाटू को वोट देने की अपील कर रहे है !

AAP नेता केजरीवाल इतने बौखलाये हुये है कि ""झाटू "" को वोट देने की अपील कर रहे है ! @ArvindKejriwal के दिमागी हालत खराब हो गया है इसे कोई अन्ना के पास ले जाओ रे

The archived version of the tweet can be accessed here.

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Facts Check Analysis Before starting this news, let me warn you jhantu is a slang mostly used in the north India. If often means that the person is worth of nothing.  

The Delhi BJP MLA Vijender Gupta, created a storm over the social media with a photo shopped image of the Delhi Current Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal where, a photo shopped image was uploaded by him stating the Delhi CM as jhantu.

The tweet has been retweeted by more than 3800 people on the social media.

Looks like it is a spelling mistake as many of the people on the social media has uploaded before Vijender Gupta shared this on the social media.

Archive from 5th March 2019.


It is not easy to find the difference in the original image, however if you zoom the image, you can see the letter’s little more highlighted and more darker than the other letter in the text.


We categorize the news in fake category.

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