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News Claim: A message image on social media claimed that India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru was slapped by Swami Vidyanand Videh in 1962 or failure on China war is not true.

When Nehru got a slap on the face ( virtual gan* pe laat ) by Swami Vidyanand Videh post 62 debacle .
Reason : Nehru in his speech had said that Aryas were refugees in India , hearing this Swami who was also the Chief guest got up went up to the stage and slapped Nehru , pulled the mike to him and said " The Aryas were not refugees they were my ancestors and they were original inhabitants of Bharat but your ( Nehru's ancestors ) were of Arabian descent and in your veins flow arab blood so you in fact are not the original inhabitants of this great Country ... if Sardar Patel was the P.M instead of you , we would not be in such a sorry state "
From : (विदेह गाथा: एक आर्य संन्यासी की डायरी, पृष्ठ 637 संस्करण भाद्रपद 2037 विक्रमी...से साभार)

(बाद मे इन आर्य संन्यासी ने एक किताब लिखी नेहरू : उत्थान और पतन... जो 1963 मे बैन हो गई थी।)
Pic : Nehru after the slap wanting to retaliate but held back


Other viral message with different claim sates that , “Prime Minister of India was thrashed by a mob after “failure on China war” in 1962.

Womaniser Nehru Was d Reason of All Problems! Along J&K, Ppl Thrashed Him 4 Failure on China War.

Twitter users mostly followed by BJP leaders, including PM Modi have been circulating the image through the years. 

Facts Check: False

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Facts Check Analysis: A photograph of India’s first PM Jawaharlal Nehru, is viral with a text information that Nehru was slapped in 1962 after he said that, “Aryas were refugees in India”, by Swami Vidyanand Videh. The message is being constantly shared on social media, making many believe that it is true.

The another wrong information stating that Nehru was slapped after failure on China war in 1962. As mentioned above the news is widely shared by many news websites, social media groups etc.

The image is available in Apimages, with text as, “A security man grabbed Indian Prime Minister Nehru to keep him from plunging into a riotous crowd at a meeting of the Congress Party in Patna, India, January 1962. Later in the year, Communist China's attack on India plunged Nehru into new troubles. (AP Photo)



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January 01, 1962 03:00:00 AM

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January 06, 1997 02:35:00 PM


The Sino-Indian War, also known as the Indo-China War and Sino-Indian Border Conflict, was a war between China and India that occurred in 1962.

 Dates20 Oct 1962 – 21 Nov 1962


However as per Apimages the image was uploaded on Jan, 1962. So telling that the image was post India-China war of 1962 is not true.

 According to the report, on January 5, 1962, a stampede broke up the Congress plenary session as a “seething mass of humanity” was continually pressing forward to get a glimpse of Nehru. The article further mentions that Nehru, who has “handled crowds all his life” was only partially successful at controlling them. “At one stage, an angry Nehru, completely oblivious to his own safety, used his fists and hit out at security men and Congress leaders who prevented him from jumping into the crowd…”


We did not find a single word of slap in any of the articles present on the image of Jawaharlal Nehru. Hence the information of Nehru being slapped is totally hoax/fake.

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