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Viral Claim: Multiple videos viral on the social media where green flags are waved in Wayanad over reports of Rahul Gandhi contesting from here, it is rumored that these flags are of Pakistan.

Facts Check: False, this are not Pakistan Flags/

Viral News in Social Media Twitter / Facebook / WhatsApp / Others Examples:

ये थी असली वजह अमेठी से भागने की तो आप देश को इस्लामिक बनाने की राह पे हैं क्योंकि हाथो तिरंगा नही कुछ और ही हैं फिर ये नकली हिन्दू का ढोंग क्यों राहुल ?
जिनके दादा ही हिन्दू होने पे शर्म करते थे वो भला दिल से हिंदुत्व को स्वीकार कभी नही कर सकता हैं😣😣

If you don't want to get another POK(Pakistan occupied Kerala) here is the wake-up call especially for #Kerala, Rahul, to fight elections in Wayanad, Kerala Look who is celebrating in Wayanad waving Pakistan flags. Now you know why Congress selected this constituency.

Facts Check Analysis: 

A simple search in Google as IUML flag vs. Pakistan flag, will through you with the multiple difference between the layout of the Indian Union Muslim League and the Pakistan Flag. 

IUML flag from Wikipedia, below 

Pakistan flag from Wikipedia, below 

By seeing the above two images, it would be easy for anyone to know the difference in the flags and the one being waved at Wayanad.

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