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A video is viral on Social Media showing Whuan market as the origin of the Coronavirus, Whuan market. China, the origin of the #Corona virus... 👀 No wonder the disaster was waiting to happen in Wuhan

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Multiple Fake news claims-: A video is viral on Social Media showing Whuan market as the origin of the Coronavirus, Whuan market. China, the origin of the #Corona virus... 👀 No wonder the disaster was waiting to happen in Wuhan

..............This is the most disgusting video I have ever seen. Till seen this one I had only heard Chinese eat anything which moves including rats cats dogs snakes frogs. 
But this video of the market is the height of everything. Are they really humans ?!?!?!?! I’m surprised how come this virus has come only now and not hundreds of years before.

Omg! This people need to learn from now...!!

Whuan market. China, the origin of the #Corona virus...

Facts Check Verdict: False

News Verification: Thousands of people shared this video on Social Media showing snakes and other animals being sold in the Chinese market. The video claims that the Whuan market is the source of the deadly Coronavirus.

The video is from Pasar Tradisional Langowan, in the North Sulawesi region of Indonesia. A video uploaded on YouTube on 26th Jan states the same.

As mentioned in YouTube,

For animal lovers, this sight can be very sad. A variety of wildlife and pets become a supply of meat that is ready to be cooked. That can be seen in two traditional markets in North Sulawesi (North Sulawesi), Tomohon and Langowan. If these two markets come, don't be surprised if you find dogs, cats, mice, monitor lizards and pythons traded. Some of these animals are believed to be not just ordinary menus. Snakes and monitor lizards, for example, are believed to have properties that can cure itching, itching, allergies, increase stamina and vitality. Lizards are ready to be cut at the Langowan Market, North Sulawesi. Dogs that have been burned at Langowan Market, North Sulawesi. Photo: Themmy Doaly From Mongabay search, traders in Langowan Market are known to have a network of suppliers of wildlife from outside North Sulawesi. Some species of animals are hard to find hunters in a number of places in North Sumatra, for example, bats and snakes, imported from Gorontalo, South Sulawesi and Central Sulawesi. Medium dogs can be obtained from local suppliers. Almost every day the supply of these animals can be obtained. Specifically for breeds of dogs, people in North Sulawesi are familiar with the term doger or catch dogs that cross the road and are kept in homes. "Dogs that are captured from housing can be sold or eaten by themselves," said Mark, a visitor at Tomohon Market, also traded. However, this North Sulawesi endemic species is available, if there is supply from distributors.

As mentioned in the website beritamanado, One attraction is the presence of extreme animals that are sold freely by traders such as patola snakes, bats, dogs, rats (not house mice), even yaki. The most suitable time for tourists to see extreme animals being sold is on Saturdays or the day before the feast day or thanksgiving.

Pasar Tradisional Langowan Layak Dijadikan Destinasi Wisata Unggulan

Langowan - Pasar Tradisional Langowan dinilai sangat layak untuk dijadikan salah satu destinasi wiasta unggulan. Salah satu daya tariknya yaitu adanya hewan-hewan ekstrim yang dijual bebas oleh pedagang seperti ular patola, kelelawar, anjing, tikus (bukan tikus rumah), bahkan yaki. Waktu yang

Langowan Market is a traditional market in Minahasa regency, Indonesia’s North Sulawesi province, that sells wild animals for consumption. Wing of a bat, roasted rat and loin of a dog: Inside the Indonesian market packed full of gruesome local delicacies are some of the things that this market provides.

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