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Viral Claim: A message viral on social media claims that “The New Zealand government has ordered the closure of all the mosques built in the country”, the message is not true

Facts Check: Fake / False

Viral News in Social Media Twitter / Facebook / WhatsApp / Others Examples:

न्यूजीलैंड सरकार ने आज देश में बनी तमाम मस्जिदों को बंद करने का दिया आदेश "कहा.. मस्जिदों में ही पलते हैं आतंकी! चींटी तक पर दया करने वाले बौद्ध आक्रामक हो गए और प्रेम से रहने वाले ईसाई आक्रामक हो गए तुम कब जागोगे हिन्दुओं ?? जय हिन्दूत्व

Translated: The New Zealand government today ordered the closure of all the mosques built in the country. "Terror in the mosques, terrorists have become aggressive, and the Christians living in love became aggressive, when will you awake Hindus? ? Jai Hindutva

Facts Check Analysis: 

The message is widely being shared on the social media, especially after the new Zealand incident at Christchurch mosque, where a white supremacist gunned down at least 50 Muslim worshippers in a terrorist attack.

The message has been shared thousands of times on the social media and over different medium as well, like whatsapp, facebook etc.

We did not find any evidence in support of this fake message, though we found support and sympathy for the one killed during the attack.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern,  says two minutes' silence will be shared on Friday and call to prayer broadcast on TV and radio to honor Christchurch victimshttp://nzh.nu/6MvS30o77EU

As per RNZ, police have asked all mosques nationally to shut their doors until further notice.

A Wellington-based imam says while mosques are closed, Muslims will be praying from the safety of their homes.

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