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Multiple Fact Check claims: The video has become viral on social media platforms which claim, "Mullahs licking empty utensils in mosques so that more and more of these epidemics can spread. These mullahs are already infected with Coronavirus and the government is catching them and treating them. why? Corona is not spreading in India but is being spread. See in the video."
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भारत में कोरोना फैल नहीं रहा बल्कि फैलाया जा रहा है। इसका ताजा उदाहरण निजामुद्दीन से मिले

खाली बर्तनो को जुठा करते हुए

Fake news verdict: Fake

News Verification: When we performed a reverse image search we found that The video that was going viral at this time was uploaded on July 31, 2018. The video's description reads, "These people belong to the Dawoodi Bohra community. On the orders of his religious guru Syedna, there is a tradition of not disrespecting their food here. 'We also got a link to Vimeo. This video was also uploaded by a Twitter user on July 30, 2018. That is one day before uploading on Vimeo. The user wrote (archive link), Bohra people eat together in big 'thal'. This is a video of a hoard where food is often distributed. This is the highest level of effort to prevent food wastage.

This viral video claiming Nizamuddin 'Muslims spreading corona by raising utensils' is several years old. It was uploaded to Vimeo in July 2018. The video that is going viral at this time has no relation with Coronavirus or Nizamuddin. 

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