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News Claim: A video went instantly viral on social media from Pakistan where a train is said to be running to Los Angles via Sukkur. 

A video of a Pakistan train displaying its destination as Los Angeles has gone viral on social media. The train at Sukkur's Rohri station shows that the train is running from Karachi to Los Angeles.

Pakistan Railways has advanced so much that their train is going to Los Angeles via Sukkur.😂

Indeed a major achievement for @ImranKhanPTI govt.🤭

What next- Train from Islamabad to Japan-Germany border??


Facts Check: True

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Facts Check Analysis: The video from Pakistan has gone widely viral on Social media and has been shared by more than 60k users.


Pakistan railways minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad responded to the viral video and said it was a computerised display and people are mischievous. He added that if Allah wills, his ministry would run a train to Los Angeles.

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